Centre for Executive Education (CEE)

Mahindra University Executive Education

About Centre for Executive Education

The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) at Mahindra University, creates and conducts learning programmes for working professionals, which are designed to provide timely and relevant knowledge, insights and perspectives, that help them progress in their current and future roles in organizations. By enhancing performance of executives, these programmes are aimed to positively impact the organisations that they work for.

Executive Education Programmes at Mahindra University span across multiple business disciplines, engineering & data science, and law, for different seniority levels, in various national and international geographical locations.

CEE’s mission is to be a hub for engaging & beneficial interactions between business leaders and the academia. The centre works with some of the finest faculty in India and from leading Global Business Schools. Participants will have opportunities to learn from the innovative research and consulting experience of the faculty, wide experience of the peer group of learners, and from Industry practitioners who bring in strong domain knowledge.

Our Value Proposition
  • Large Pool of world-class executive education faculty, across multiple disciplines, within the University, and from various parts of the Globe
  • Team with extensive experience in designing Executive Education Programmes for Senior Executives
  • Creation and Delivery of programmes, with best-in-class teaching methodologies, including Simulations & Experiential Learning
  • Action Learning for Impact: Our methodologies enable participants to apply the learnings to workplace issues, to derive maximum impact for the sponsoring organization
Open Enrolment Programmes

Open Programmes help executives keep updated with the latest trends, developments and emerging opportunities in the business environment. Being futuristic and global in scope, Open Programmes equip working executives with tools and knowledge, to address contemporary business problems in real time.

These programmes are designed & delivered by outstanding faculty who have been handpicked for their research excellence, subject-matter expertise by way of consulting, and teaching acumen. The faculty sessions are complemented by industry domain experts, who draw from their own experiences in helping participants develop new insights that are most relevant to them.

Custom-Designed Programmes

Customized Executive Education Programmes are designed to address unique issues/ challenges/ learning needs of an organization. Based on a deep understanding of business context, people context and cultural context, Programme Design, Contents and Teaching Methodologies are aligned to deliver pre-defined learning outcomes, for the organization and the programme participants.

Our approach to custom-designed programmes
  • In-depth diagnosis of Learning Needs of participating executives from the organization
  • Co-creation of Customized Content, with close involvement of clients in defining programme architecture, contents and learning outcomes
  • Strong focus on aligning education with business impact for our clients
  • Extensive Collaboration with key stakeholders of client organization to define Learning Objectives, ensuring the program design is targeted to deliver on the objectives, to be able to measure the effectiveness of the Programme